About Global Hotels & Resorts

The purpose of a business is to create a mutually beneficial relationship
between itself and those that it serves. Doing this well creates value, and gives the business a successful future.

Global Hotels & Resorts (GHR) is an independent, privately owned real estate and hospitality investor. It is part of a larger, diverse conglomerate of companies invested in construction, investment & financial services, luxury goods, and art. 

Global Hotels & Resorts was born in 2006. At the time, the current shareholders of Global Hotels & Resorts determined to incorporate all their hotel and hospitality investments in one group, and to operate it as an independent hospitality business. Since then, the portfolio has continued to grow.

GHR is highly selective in its approach, and combines solid skills and experience in international deal making, finance, and asset management in its small, internationally diverse, and thoroughly selected team of well educated professionals of diverse backgrounds. This very combination of specific skillsets and general understanding of the business world allows GHR to identify and to pursue opportunities that create value to both GHR and its partners.

The following professionals are responsible for Global Hotels & Resort’s guidance and management

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